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Button Smasher App Development

An interactive platform for gamers to share their experiences and reviews on all the games out there.

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The Problem

Gaming enthusiasts have very few authentic unified platforms for reviews and news about the latest and popular games. The client wanted a platform, which would be easily accessible by gamers to stay updated about all the latest happenings in the industry.

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Button Smasher Concept

The client wanted to revolutionize the gaming review sphere due to the decline in trust in review platforms. Button Smasher mobile application appeared to be the only viable solution for gamers due to its ease of accessibility and dual rating system. Button smasher provided a rating algorithm that would have two different modules for ratings. One module is setup for game critics while the other would be for casual gamers. The rating mechanism allows for a deeper insight through the distinct ratings.


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TalentVerse has been globally acknowledged for impeccable IT staff augmentation services. Our data-driven hiring process assembled a robust team of software engineers for the project, which meant that the client could start the work straight away.

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Team Assembled for the Project

Our team shortlisted pre-vetted software engineers in a matter of hours after the client share the requirements for the project. We conducted a thorough analysis of the project and shortlisted the most experience profiles in a matter of hours. All the resources were simply time-zone friendly and offered flexible working hours to best fit the needs of the clients.

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