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Dedicated Development Team: All You Need To Know


Author: Hania Saleem, Feb 01, 2023


Covid-19 played a catalyst in significantly accelerating the amount of business that went remote making it a total of 48.7 million additional employees working remotely by May 2020 in the U.S. Moreover the aftermath of the pandemic continued to have diverse effects on the number of remote companies increasing.

While the immense profit those companies made after going remote encouraged many other enterprises to move their operations remote-based. This ongoing cycle makes the number of businesses adopting remote culture increase day by day.

Working from home has its own differences attached to it, however many employees across the country have grown accustomed to it after a steep learning curve. The major reason for this is the growth in virtual collaboration and efforts to digitize office culture have contributed to the viability and sustainability of remote work.

The emerging trend of working remotely has had a solid impact in recent years. This is why tech companies are now hiring a dedicated development team to streamline their operations much better.

Let us walk you into a well-explained guide to what exactly is a dedicated development team, the cost associated with it, and the hiring approach to help you employ well-sorted candidates.

Without further hold, Let us get started!

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is basically a software development business model. This business model compromises outsourcing employees who maintain continuing collaboration between a client and a service provider.

Each dedicated developer you hire in this business model will be working exclusively for your company and attaining its goals. For example, if you hire game developers, they will take care of coding their way into transferring your exceptional game concepts into virtual and playable reality.

This model is perfect for when you are looking to hire a team of professionals pre-vetted for their remarkable expertise to work on long-term projects with needed flexibility. It is a hand-selected way of picking the talent as per your need while omitting the administrative, HR, tax, and social benefits issues.

In short, it is the most preferred way to select and recruit a talented team that is more goal-oriented.

The Foundation Dedicated Team Structure

To kickstart your smooth IT processes your dedicated team needs to be composed of a few major roles.

The following are the positions needed to build a successful software development team;

The Foundation Dedicated Team Structure.jpg

Cost To Hire A Dedicated Development Team

When you are switching your business model remotely and choosing to hire a development team solely dedicated to your company, you are cutting down on your cost significantly.

An experienced development team that understands your business requirements and provides robust solutions tailored to the encountered problems will cost you around $5000 to $25,000 and more per month.

The pricing strategy of a dedicated development team is majorly based on an hourly rate which can go from $80 to $250. The fluctuation in the hourly rate is dependent on the expertise and industry knowledge of the recruited team.

Cta Cost To Hire A Dedicated Development Team.jpg

How To Hire A Dedicated Development Team

Whether you hire Android developers or tech-talent best suited to your business’s bottom-line requirements, there is an approach you need to follow. This hiring approach can be broken down into a few significant points that you need to look out for and integrate into your process.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to hire a dedicated development team for your business.

How To Hire A Dedicated Development Team.jpg

Step 1 - Determining The Tech Pre-requisites

Determining the skills and domain expertise you are looking for can help you filter out your targeted employee market. You need to properly evaluate your goals and how can the team you are hiring benefit you by attaining them.

The determined requirements such as the goals, scope of the project, and delivery time will be passed onto your vendor company. The vendor company will ensure to provide you with the team best suited as per your mentioned project requirements.

Step 2 - Set A Target Market

This step involves filtering out the market to know exactly where your potential employees are situated. You can perform this research on particular platforms such as Clutch or Goodfirms, and various other B2B review websites on worldwide development suppliers.

Following is a tabular representation of the major things you need to look for along with their application to the procedure.

Step 2 - Set A Target Market.jpg

Step 3 - Screen The Potential Candidates

The next step to hiring a dedicated development team is to rigorously screen your candidates before getting them on board. This can be done through interviews, and tests to measure the value each candidate will bring to your company.

You must know that the team is well-prepared for what your project demands and that they have the required set of skills that sync in with your vision.

In the case, where the provided candidate is unmatchable to the requirements you have set up, an immediate replacement can be asked from your vendor company.

Step 4 - Choosing The Right Vendor Provider

This step is critical to your entire hiring process. Choosing the right vendor will properly comprehend your demands and provide you with a team that works accordingly.

You need to perform thorough research and narrow down your list of potential vendors according to your business needs.

Here are a few of the major aspects you must consider when evaluating your potential vendor provider;

Step 4 - Choosing The Right Vendor Provider.jpg

Step 5 - Define The Work Procedure

This is the step where you streamline which methodology your dedicated development team will be meant to follow. You need to keep in mind your business goals and objectives when choosing the best methodology for your project.

By now, you should’ve already determined the methodology that your vendor prefers or espouses. That means they should have no problem adapting to yours.

Here are a few of the software development methodologies you can use as per your project needs.

Step 5 - Define The Work Procedure.jpg

Step 6 - Launch Your Team

Now that you have figured out, filtered out your target market, screened the candidates, and chosen which methodology you will opt for, you are all ready to take your IT business to the next level.

Your vendor company can now take into consideration all your demands and provide you with a dedicated team accordingly.

This part of the process does not require a lot of time as you have already determined the needed prerequisites for your hiring approach.

Step 7 - Collaboration Method

This is the last step to your hiring process, and yet the most important. It involves communicating with your vendor company regarding how you wish to collaborate with the team.

Do you want to strategize weekly updates or daily progress from the allotted project manager?

Once you have determined the frequency of when and how to keep you in the loop you can communicate it with your vendor company effectively.

Cta Step 7 - Collaboration Method.jpg

When Should You Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?

Are you questioning whether this is the hiring model that your business requires?

A simple answer to this is determining the scale of the project. Hiring dedicated software developers are best suited for long-term projects. If your project scale is short, then it is best suited for you to freelance a temporary resource.

To make it further easy for you, here are a few of the crucial points you may consider when you should hire a dedicated development team of experts.


If you are a start-up expecting to grow, hiring a dedicated software development team is the best and most affordable option for you.

As a startup outsourcing a dedicated team is the smartest choice to make rather than keeping an in-house team. This is because it will help you focus on the core operations of the process rather than hiring employees who are less likely to get distracted by office politics or extracurricular activities.

2.Project With Requirements Not Suited

It is not necessary that the service or product you sell has been introduced in the market before. Making people aware of the new concept your business holds requires attention to detail, and focusing on hiring your employee can distract you during this.

If your project has a unique idea that requires a discovery stage to pass, it is best to hire a dedicated team skipping the individual interview and screening procedure.

A dedicated development team will be pre-vetted to match your needs and fill in the talent gaps required exactly by your business. You can skip the lengthy hiring process and work on your business strategy while saving up on the additional cost.

3.Acquiring Digital Transformation

You have figured that the future is digital, there’s no doubt about it. It is now high time that your business moves its framework to the cloud and automates its operations.

However, while you are in this phase of your business transformation, it is best to have your developers carry out tasks with high productivity and less delayed work.

Hire remote developers who make your operations manageable and help you get the required insights needed to build the best in-house team later when you decide to hire one.

If you are a company new to shifting and adapting to the digital transformation culture, then turning to a dedicated development team is the best opinion.

When Should You Not Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?

Setting up a dedicated development team does not have a one-size-fits-all approach, you need to carefully analyze business demands to make a perfect choice.

To make this easy for you, we have got you covered with a few scenesters. Here is when it is best preferred not to hire a dedicated team and exercise some major precautions.

1.Missing A Business Strategic Plan

How do I define my requirements for the project? What is the deadline for the software to be ready? Does the cost difference matter? What is your set budget for the project?

If you do not have answers to these questions, you are stuck in the planning stage of your project. Answers to these questions will help you figure your way out of this by effectively avoiding miscommunication and misinterpretation.

It may be advisable to avoid hiring a dedicated development team when your project has a rigid execution plan which is not identified. All features of your product or service must be well-defined, in order to get your team working.

If your business has yet to streamline a solid strategic plan, you will be unaware of what areas need to be worked on.

In order to successfully get your dedicated development team to work, you need to figure out your company objectives and how are you planning to achieve them.

2.Short-Scale Projects

If your business is small with clear objectives that strictly need to be adhered to, you don't need a dedicated and involved team.

have more defined and limited scope and objectives. Therefore, it may not be necessary to assemble a dedicated team for the project if the necessary resources and expertise already exist within the organization. Moreover, dedicating a team specifically to a short-term project can cost you more than optimizing your existing staff accordingly.

3.Restricted Budget And Timeline

If your project budget is limited and you do not necessarily need to outsource an entire development team. It may not be necessary to hire a full-time designer or a project manager in such scenarios.

In contrast, you can opt for staff augmentation as your solution. This alternative lets you hire temporary resources on quick notice, which is much more efficient.

If your business is stuck with a limited budget and in search of a talent hunt for quick resources, TalentVerse.co has gotten you covered. We provide you access to the best developers and technical resources at unbeatable prices, pre-vetted to work in your time zone.

Wrapping Up

The dedicated team model fits all needs, no matter if you want to hire iOS developers to build a killer app for your business or you want to hire game developers to build you a robust app that outsmarts all the competition.

The ability to hire in-house software teams is not suited for every business, no matter how technologically savvy they are.

Startups on the other hand do not have the needed funds to afford an entire in-house development team.

Moreover, recruiting permanent, long-term employees can be time-consuming and expensive for larger organizations.

This is why hiring a dedicated development team is a preferred choice for many.It saves time, money, and effort while landing with a pool of proficient professionals dedicated to delivering quality results to your project within the set time frame.


1.What is the perfect way to manage an outsourced dedicated development team?

The best way to manage an outsourced dedicated development team is by establishing clear goals and expectations, communicating and collaborating, and monitoring progress and performance regularly. All of these points combined create the most suited way of effectively managing your dedicated team.

2. Can the hired development team work on the existing technology stack used in the company?

Yes, the hired development team can work on the existing technology stack as long as the technology is in demand and the team has sufficient experience and skills to use it.

3. What is the preferred way to manage and handle project risks within a dedicated development team?

Monitoring and assessing project risks constantly, coming up with mitigation strategies, and being transparent with clients about the possible risks and possible measures taken to address them are the best ways to prevent project risks.

4.What is the best way to maintain solid communication and collaboration with the team?

To facilitate effective communications you need to streamline communications channels. This can be done by utilizing project management tools, video conferencing, and having dedicated project managers to overlook and schedule meetings accordingly.

5.How do you ensure security and confidentiality with the vendor company?

Before finalizing the and launching the team through the vendor company, you must ensure they have a solid client data confidentiality policy. This can be done by signing non-disclosure agreements, implementing strict access controls and security protocols, to constantly monitor and assess any major security risks involved.


Author: Hania Saleem

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