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How to Outsource App Development in 2023


Author: Hania Saleem, Feb 08, 2023


In the coming years' app development has overthrown the previously competitive market of tangible exchange of goods and services.

From game development to everyday essential grocery shopping, mobile applications have composed everything into a digital format. With a single click, you can tap into the huge range of services, products, and information that was previously time taking to avail.

Applications have now become an integral part of many businesses to maintain their annual sales goals serving as a channel for customer engagement and sales.

Moreover, it allows entrepreneurs and business persons to launch the discovery of their unique products and services seamlessly while reaching a wider audience.

According to estimates, the global mobile marketing market will reach 55 billion U.S. dollars by 2030, up from 11 billion in 2020. This is evident in the fact that almost every business and lending enterprise is now adopting this culture.

This demand in revolutionizing your business to be technologically oriented has made outsourcing software developers a preferable option for many.

With mobile penetration rates and the use of smartphones growing rapidly globally, 2023 is on track to be the year when mobile games revenue surpasses 100 billion dollars worldwide.

Whether you want to hire game developers or any other tech talent to support your development needs, outsourcing provides you the room to step aside from the traditional office culture.

The aftermath of covid being a standard supporter of bringing down the overwhelming 9-5 in-house work culture has vigorously empowered a remote culture using modern technology to collaborate with.

With regard to the benefits of outsourcing a development team to build you the perfect app, you need to be cautious with the measures taken for perfect implementation.

This blog will seamlessly guide you through the major considerations for how to outsource an app development team efficiently in 2023, its major benefits, and the cost associated with it.

Without further ado, let's get into it.

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What Is An Outsource App Development Team?

An outsourced app development team is a group of technical experts with unique skills who combine their work all together to bring value to built applications.

The outsourced individuals are hired through the vending company providing staff augmentation service to match the client with pre-vetted dedicated resources within a short period of time.

Each individual masking their talents works their way into the project to ensure the accumulated major goal of developing a high-performing, adaptable, captivating, and user-friendly application.

The app development team outsourced to fill in the needed talent gaps is usually not bound by geographical limitations and are dispersed all across the world to deliver their expertise remotely to your app project.

Hired mobile app developers in this process collaborate and communicate with the team using modern technology of project management tools such as Asana, Trello, Workzone, ProofHub, and many more.

Offshore Remote Developers.jpg

Mobile App Development Outsourcing - Basic Team Composition

To build an app few basic technical skills are required. The mobile app development outsourcing model follows up on this approach and structures the team accordingly.

However, your project prerequisites, type, and demands make the exact composition of your software development team vary.

Below is a tabular representation of what an outsourced app development team typically consist of:

Mobile App Development Outsourcing - Basic Team Composition.jpg

How to Outsource App Development

Outsourcing app development can be a great way to bring your ideas to life, but it's important to find the right team or individual for the job.

Here are a few simple ways you can smartly outsource an app development team to build you something revolutionary!

1. Streamline Your App Objectives

It is highly recommended to have your app idea with every feature you wish to integrate to excel in how your app functions upon interaction. This will help you build solid and clear expectations of what you want to receive from your outsourced team and the vendor company.

Moreover, any upcoming miscommunications can most likely be omitted by properly defining the kind of app you want to develop. This will help you find the right development team or individual who has the necessary skills and experience.

2.Approximate Budget

You must be aware of the cost your app is going to utilize before you begin your outsourcing procedure.

Having a budget in mind helps you plan and allocate resources effectively. The budget will determine which features you will include in your app, and you can make informed decisions based on what you can afford.

This budget will help you set realistic expectations while phasing up the development process, the timeline, and the overall quality of the app.

You can streamline your budget by comparing quotes sent to multiple companies and determining which offers the best value for your money. However, when you outsource mobile development , It is essential to not get captivated by a cheaper price point and to look into the various other aspects before making your decision.

3.Skim The Developer For The Skills

After your vendor company provides you with a list of your potential app development matches, you must do your research to screen them.

It is significant you thoroughly vet the developers to have the skills your project demands. You can do this by reviewing diverse freelancing platforms, like Upwork or Fiverr, to check their portfolios and get an idea of their scope of previous work.

For instance, you are looking to hire game developers to build you an industry-leading app that disrupts the market. This would require you to look for candidates with profound knowledge of 2D and 3D animations, proficient Problem-solving skills, and in-depth familiarity with the game productions pipeline.

4.Industry Experience

Quality industry experience is equally important for both the developers and the vendor company you choose to avail outsourcing services from.

You need to analyze whether the vendor company has enough credible reviews from the previously completed project and the businesses they worked for. This will help you analyze whether they can easily cater to the challenges in the app development process by providing market-leading solutions.

Moreover, industry experience will ensure that as you hire remote developers to outsource your development needs, each individual comprehends the industry requirements, such as regulatory compliance, data privacy, security, and much more. This will thoroughly empower an efficient, smooth, and effective procedure with no future shortcomings.

5.Shortlist Potential Vendor companies

Once you are clear with your app development vision and the exact skills you seek in your app development outsourcing, you can now start your research on the best service provider.

It is preferred to narrow your vendor company list down to the top 5 places where your app requirements can be thoroughly analyzed and catered to. Once you are sorted, you can reach out to each one of them for a quote and consultation.

If you are looking for an outsourcing app development team solely dedicated to helping you obtain your dream app goals, Talentverse. co is a highly preferred talent acquisition platform. We provide you with expert remote developer matches at a price-effective value with strong technical background knowledge and high adaptability to your timezone.

3 Major Types Of App Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing app development can be divided into three major forms depending on the classified location for your project demands.

It is critical you decide on the distance you are comfortable to be in with your mobile app development team. Does it have to be near your location? Or do you wish to collaborate with a much more experienced team abroad?

You need to analyze your project requirements and decide early before contacting the service provider in order to avoid any communication issues later on.

Here are a few types of app development outsourcing that can be divided into geographical aspects.

1.Offshore Remote Developers

These are IT professionals that are based the furthest away from your location in another country. This kind of talent hiring is based on tapping into a pool of developers who have quality experience and provide service at a lower rate, as wages are often lower in certain countries.

Offshore Remote Developers.jpg

2.Nearshore Remote Developers

The term "Nearshore" refers to employees within your geographical location or close to you. This is basically outsourcing app development where the hired developers are based within your country or the same continent as yours. The hired developers within this approach have a potentially deeply rooted knowledge of the client's market and culture, which can help within the development process.

Nearshore Remote Developers-1.jpg

3.Onshore Remote Developers

The remote onshore developers are located in the exact same country as you. This approach has its own major benefits, such as no time difference to help you effectively communicate and collaborate in a timely manner.

Nearshore  Developers.jpg

How To Reduce Risks Associated With Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing app development can be a risky process if you don't properly do your research when opting for an outsourcing service provider.

To avoid the potential risks and consequences to your app development project there are a few points you must consider. Let us briefly look into the major ones.

How To Reduce Risks Associated With Mobile App Development Outsourcing.jpg

1.A solid NDA Policy

It is crucial before you tie your bonds with a service provider to outsource an app development team, you must properly look into their NDA policy.

Signing an NDA policy ensures building a legal contract between the two parties outlining the protection of the confidential data and material associated with your project. Upon the breach of any mutually agreed policy can leverage you into taking strict actions being taken.

2.Well Thought Contract

The confirmation contract of working with the chosen service provider needs to be mutually sorted and agreed upon. This will omit any future consequences and ensure a smooth procedure.

Your contract must include payment terms, roles, and expectations, as well as a strategy for collaboration. Moreover, it is crucial that your contract gets reviewed thoroughly by a lawyer in order for it to get certified.

3.Project Management Tool For Collaboration

It is important to decide on which project management tool to use in order to communicate within the team. The right tool can help you achieve effective collaboration and streamline your app development process with proficient efficiency.

Moreover, the frequency at which you would want to be updated can severely help to boost the team's motivation with an effective goal and objective to reach within time.

Using a project management tool best suited for your project will ensure lower chances of miscommunication, improve decision-making, and help updated information to get passed within the team.

What Are The Dependable Factors When Outsourcing An App Development Team?

Outsourcing an app development team is highly dependent on a few of the most integral factors. These factors help you decide the kind of team you need to outsource.

The following are the major factors you need to first consider before you outsource an app development team.


The domain or the category your application belongs to will help you decide what kind of app development team you must hire.

Are you building a gaming application or another specifically targeted niche? Do you have a unique app idea in mind that requires a discovery stage? Is your app intended to sell an educational-based service?

Answers to a few of these questions will help you determine the domain your app falls in while facilitating you easily kick-start your development procedure accordingly.

2.Targeted Audience

The target audience is the client base or the sector you are targeting. This involves the estimated age of the consumers who will benefit from your app, location, or the region that will mainly involve your app’s working principle, the targeted gender, and much more that will play its roles.

For example: if you wish to build a social networking app, your target market will mainly be Gen Z, Gen X, and baby boomers located all around the world in order to interact using your app. Once you have analyzed these points, you can jump to the next step to outsourcing your app development team.

You must analyze and perform thorough research on the range of demographic and psychographic elements to help you get insights into your customer pain points and their buyer's persona.

This research will help you figure out exactly what kind of app development team you need to outsource in order to help you build the app that specifically targets the audience you wish to make an impression on.

3.Type Of The App

The type of the app is analyzing whether you want to build an app that is friendly to iOS, Android, or both. There are different types of applications out there in the market that are built to function on a specific device that targets its own unique audience.

Following are a few types an app can be divided into, its purpose, and the audience it targets.

What Are The Dependable Factors When Outsourcing An App Development Team_.jpg


The framework you decide to build an app on will determine the functionality and features you wish to integrate into your app. This will significantly help you analyze the skills you need to look for in your outsourced software development team.

A developer familiar with the framework you are looking to build your application on will help to lower any possible chances of errors and empower an efficient development procedure.

CTA Are you looking to outsource an app development team_.jpg

Major Differences When Outsourcing iOS App Developers And Android App Developers

The outsourcing of your development team is dependent on the platform you want your app to work on.

The most popular and widely used platform where most of the target audience resides can be divided into iOS and Android app development.

If you have decided to build an iOS app, you are more likely to target the premium class of the audience. This means the chances of your app generating revenue through in-app purchases are high, making you achieve your annual sales target faster.

On the other hand, when you hire Android developers to build you an app, you tend to target a wider market of every class. This makes your audience much more diverse and consequently increases the chances of your app making an impact and generating revenue.

The entire outsourcing process to hire mobile app developers is similar. However, when you have a definite goal of hiring developers with proficient knowledge on specific platforms such as iOS or Android, you need to look for a few major skills.

The skills and expertise you look for will help you make use of it in the entire development process.

Let us look into how outsourcing differs when hiring developers for iOS and Android.

1.Programming language

iOS applications are built using swift, which is a unique coding language used by apple.

This means when you hire an iOS developer, you must look for deep-rooted knowledge using swift to empower your app development process to pace up.

Android applications are mainly built with code written in Java and Kotlin. This is a fairly complicated language and requires you to hire Android developers who are proficient with finding solutions to complex scenarios.

In conclusion, the development of iOS apps requires a MacOS computer and specific tools like Xcode and Swift or Objective-C, whereas Android apps can be developed on any operating system using tools like Android Studio and Java, and Kotlin. It is significant to take these differences into account when you outsource an app development team.

2.Design Differences

The design layout of Apple products tends to be flat, which means that shadows are not as visible, making elements feel like they are layered on top of each other.

One of the major reasons for the difference in the interface designing of iOS and Android apps is the difference in screen sizes and limited adaptability to screens.

This makes it critical to hire iOS developers and Android developers who hold in-depth knowledge of the respective design principles.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right outsourcing partner to build you an immersive app you hold the vision for is not an easy task. However, using the points mentioned above will help you figure out and land you with the perfect app development team who are pro experts in providing you with quality solutions.


1. How do I ensure the developed app has market-leading quality maintained?

The quality of the app can be maintained by keeping Regular check-ins, testing, and comprehensive project documentation and being clear with the demanded features within the app that enhance the user experience.

2 . How can I manage the changes to the project scope and timeline?

The changes you make within your app development plan can be streamlined by communicating in a clear manner and generating a flexible project plan.

3 . How do I ensure a smooth app development process is maintained throughout the handover of the completed app?

A smooth transition and handover of the app can be maintained by assigning the developers comprehensive and elaborated project documentation and maintaining a solid QA team who assesses the quality of the app, ensuring there are no bugs and errors within the development process till the app is handed-over.


Author: Hania Saleem

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