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What is Team Augmentation ? (Complete Guide)


Author: Hania Saleem, Mar 24, 2023


Digitalization is constantly evolving while fearsly thriving and integrating itself into every industry. This calls for hiring tech talent that has massive industry knowledge along with updated trends that will help you rise amid the immensely crowded market.

According to the research conducted by Statistica, the global business process outsourcing (BPO) expenditures amounted to 170.4 billion dollars in 2018. There is a solid expectation that this market will spend 212 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

In today's fast-paced market, many companies are turning to team augmentation as a competitive and agile strategy.

The capability to understand the concept and the benefits of team augmentation can help you achieve your dynamic goals, whether you are a large corporation or a startup looking to scale your operations.

Withstanding this, this blog will briefly help you form association with the major concepts of staff augmentation with comparative analysis on how it is hands-down the best-suited choice for your business.

Without further ado, Let's get right into it!

What Is Team Augmentation?

Team augmentation is when a business outsources added talent enhancing the team’s capabilities for their software development needs through a third party vendor. The augmented resource could be an individual or an entire team brought in on a temporary or project basis to fill gaps in expertise, scale up resources quickly, or provide additional support. In order to accomplish project goals, team augmentation can involve hiring contractors, freelancers, or part-timers to work alongside existing team members.


Why Choose Team Augmentation Instead of In-House Teams?

Are you looking to accumulate the list of reasons why your next investment needs to be on team augmentation?

Allow me to pen you down with the major reasons why your business must choose team augmentation rather than hiring full time in-house employees.

1.Skip The Lengthy Hiring Period

Recruiting new employees is a time consuming and expensive procedure. Team augmentation helps you tap the talent-cloud pre-vetted for the skills and experience you are looking for in the applicant without getting indulged in the lengthy hiring process.

Setting up an in-house team, on the other hand, requires you to allocate an entire unit dependable on performing interviews and tests for screening them to be the best fit. Moreover, the In-house team members require training for adaptation to the company's culture and practices once they are onboarded.


Team augmentation is a cost-friendly alternative as it allows you to cut down the unnecessary overheads including electricity, rent and taxes. Nevertheless, an in-house team demands all the necessities to run their operations swiftly, employee benefits to keep the employees motivated and micromanagement to ensure productivity is acquired.

3.Risk Management

Team augmentation provides you with matches that have a proven track record of delivering exceptional services due to their industry experience, knowledge and skills. This ensures that the augmented resources reduce the margin or errors in the processes reducing business risks. Moreover, in the event of dissatisfaction, the vendor company provides you with a replacement to help you navigate your complex software problems more efficiently.

4.Omit Geographical Limitations

Team augmentation allows you to break your graphical limitations restricting your reach to the best talent. It allows you to expand your talent hunt at a global level augmenting culturally-diverse resources with ingenious minds that facilitate your operations. In-house teams limit businesses to finding talent within their locality, causing outdated practices due to the loss of global diversity of experience, perspective, and skill sets.

When Is Team Augmentation Best-Suited For You?

When Is Team Augmentation.webp

Is your team in need of additional tech talent? Would you like to assess whether augmentation of external resources is a viable solution to the roadblocks you're experiencing?

Let's examine a few significant areas where team augmentation is most effective!

1.Increased workload

Businesses often experience increased workload with an insufficiency of the resources leading to the project goals and tight deadlines not being met. In such cases bringing in additional resources to get the tasks done on time with enhanced efficiency is highly useful. Augmenting your team with the needed resources can sufficiently help you increase your time to market.

2.Filling-in Skill Gap

If your existing staff is unable to provide value with the right skills required for additional tasks, there is a high chance that you are experiencing a skill shortage. Among the benefits of team augmentation, this is where it can leverage you with a pool of external pre vetted professionals with the expertise you need. The added talent can fill-in your skill gap best-suited for the scope and interval of your project.

3.Looking Scale Quickly

Businesses are often looking to find the quickest way possible to attain their return on investment(ROI). Team augmentation provides the smartest solution to softly scale your operations without needing to spend on hiring and training new employees. Aside from time saving and monetary benefits, it can be a great asset to your business in terms of added value in the operations.

Key Takeaways

Hiring and maintaining an in-house team is a daunting task itself. With everyone moving their framework on the cloud, staff augmentation is now the new smart practice of gaining a competitive edge. In a matter of hours you can now hire experts leveraging you with new skills, perspective and technologies helping you hit ground running efficiently.

Nevertheless, it is crucial you approach team augmentation rationally, with enhanced transparency of the project objectives, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the existing team to hire the required skill .


Author: Hania Saleem

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